October 10, 2012
by Bob Jordan

Anthony Kearns solo concert at the Chapel of the Incarnate Word,
San Antonio, was my sixth. Each year he continues to blossom as
a vocal technician, and as an artist. His very talented and charming fellow-countryman, Mr. Patrick Healy, accompanied him.

The Chapel was an ideal venue, having undergone an extensive
and magnificent renovation not long ago. Someone in the audience
compared it to the most beautiful chapels in Bavaria, and I have to
agree. Anthony had no problem filling the huge hall with beautiful
sound without the aid of a microphone. His singing of the beautiful
Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria” was a perfect spiritual companion for
the venue.

Kearns sang the dramatic German art song “Devotion” by Richard
Strauss with great feeling and authority. The lighter French lyrical
aria “Vainement, ma bien-aimee”, was delivered with great warmth
and excellent placement so that the beauty of the softest notes
could be heard in every corner of the large church.

It was said of the greatest Irish tenor, John McCormack, that
he had the power to transform the simplest folk songs into great
works of art. Mr. Kearns also has this very rare gift. I especially
enjoyed his very moving performance of the haunting song on
the death of a young lover, “She Moved Through the Fair”. The
sense of loss and sadness described in the song was made
palpable by the tenor's passionate delivery.

The audience loved the duet, “Friendship “a song written
by Patrick Healy, Kearns’ long-time accompanist. This fun “duel
of the tenors” dramatized the great friendship and teamwork
these two great artists have developed over the past 18 years.

Anthony finished the show with a powerful performance of
Mexican composer Lara’s “Granada”, which was received well
as about half of our city’s population is fluent in Spanish as well
as English. Anthony showcased his vocal power and the
high-end of his range in this dramatic piece.

Healy said that parents and teachers should insure that young
people are exposed to the great gift of classical music as part
of their educational development. For my money, they couldn’t
do better than to direct them to an Anthony Kearns- Patrick
Healy concert.

The Program

Down by the Sally Gardens (W.B Yeats poem)

The Old House (McDermott/Connell)

Kitty My Love (Traditional)

How are Things in Glocca Morra? (Lane/Harburg “Finians Rainbow)

Zueignung : “Devotion”-(Richard Strauss)

Standchen (Schubert)

Trotting to the Fair (Graves)

Ave Maria-(Bach-Gounod)

I Hear You Calling Me (Marshall)

Vienna-City of My Dreams-(Sieczynski)

Vainement, ma bien aimee (Lalo’s “Le Roi d’Ys”)

My Lagan Love (Campbell)

Phil The Fluthers Ball (Percy French)

She Moved Through the Fair (Traditional)

A Chloris (Hahn)

Funiculi Funicula (Denza)

La Vie en rose (Piaf)

Friendship (Duet) (Patrick Healey) The Tenors, Anthony and Patrick
Danny Boy Weatherly/ Traditional tune)

Granada (Lara)

Thanks to Bob Jordan, Helotes, Texas

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