NOVEMBER 15, 2013
The concert was held at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall of Village Church (Presbyterian) located in Rancho Santa Fe, a posh suburb north of San Diego. Anthony’s concert was the first of several “Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe” held this season featuring various artists. The newly remodeled Fellowship Hall made a classy and comfortable venue, with upholstered seats and a raised stage with curtains behind and silk palm trees all around. The people that run these Community Concerts do things in style. They provide a light dinner buffet starting at 6:15 p.m. which, after driving an hour and a half from Orange County with no dinner, my husband and I were happy to find awaiting us. Tables arrayed with crackers, many cheeses, grapes, veggies and dips, little meatballs in barbecue sauce, and bowls of beautiful shrimp easily provided our evening meal. All this was donated by Whole Foods. A bank provided free wine and soft drinks. And at intermission, a local cupcake bakery brought in perfect miniature cupcakes in various flavors, in addition to brownies and cookies. Coffee was available, too.

Now that you’re all hungry, I’ll go on to the concert itself. Fortunately we arrived early, so in addition to being first at the buffet tables, we were also able to reserve nice middle aisle seats about five rows back from the stage. The first several rows had big ribbons tied across the seats to indicate they were set aside for season ticket holders. Oh, I forgot to mention that as we walked down some steps toward Fellowship Hall from the parking lot, we could hear Anthony’s voice coming from somewhere, warming up for the concert.

After a lovely introduction by a woman representing the Community Concerts, Anthony and Patrick walked on stage in their usual formal attire. Anthony seems to have a new haircut, longer in the back and combed forward in front, as you can see from the photos we took. Compare it to his photo on his new CD, and you’ll see the difference. He began with “Meeting of the Waters” and sang a variety of songs, some I’d heard before and some that were new to me. Here is the program:

Anthony sang:

Meeting of the Waters

Star of the County Down

Sally Gardens


Are Ye Right There, Michael

Love Thee Dearest

Patrick took the stage, giving Anthony’s voice a rest, and had the audience in stitches with his droll, understated manner of telling stories. He sang Galway Bay.

Anthony reappeared and sang:

Vienna Mine

A Shubert song – Stenshen (?) sung in German

A song about Kitty and her plain sister, Jane

Plaisir d’Amour


Bold Gendarmes – Patrick and Anthony



With a Song in My Heart

Trottin’ to the Fair

Kitty My Love

The Old House

Finiculi Finicula

Patrick told a story about reunions at a restaurant, mishaps at a Carmen opera, and sang “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” from Pirates of Penzance.


La Vie en Rose (in French and English)

Friendship (Patrick and Anthony)

Danny Boy


I’ll See You Again

During the last set of songs, Patrick had trouble with his microphone. It was set up beside his piano with a long arm that extended over the keys to pick up his voice. But it wouldn’t stay in place. He made a comment that he hated microphones. He tried to adjust it again but it wouldn’t behave, and he said to Anthony, “It’s abandoned me.” Anthony said, “Let me help you, Sir” and left his own microphone to assist. Anthony quickly figured out how to tighten up the loose joint. When he had it fixed, he shook his finger at Patrick, as if Patrick had been a naughty child. Smiling, Anthony walked back to his standing microphone and they continued the show. I think this happened just before their “Friendship” song written by Patrick. It’s about two tenors, one old and one young and successful. The lyrics are amusing, with Anthony as the young tenor bragging about all the money he’s making in America. After the song, during the applause, Anthony went to shake hands with Patrick, but Patrick turned away, miffed. It was all in fun, of course, and they did shake hands.

The audience was very receptive, and gave them standing ovations after each of the last three songs. There was a Meet and Greet afterward, and it was great to see them again, talk with them a bit and take some photos. All in all, a unique and delightful evening!

Lori Herter

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