On July 17th, Patrick returned from a Classical Music Tour to: Southampton, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Tallin, Estonia, St. Petersburgh, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway.
He enjoyed his duties as musical coach and says "it was really
lovely and the music was a huge success. All our concerts were packed
and greatly appreciated."
Patrick went to France at the beginning of 2010 to teach a series of
master classes. Before he left, he said: The venues for my classes
are spread out over a large number of music Academies, which I
don't have to hand as I write, and of course they will have to be in
English, as my French is limited to "La plume de ma tante" level.
The repertoire is mainly Italian and French opera of the romantic
period with some English song and Operette thrown in as well.
Fortunately music is an international language and should not be
a problem and if all else fails I will speak to them in Italian which I
gather most students have a working knowledge of.
I am back from France which was a most interesting experience. My main
repertoire with the French students was Italian, French, and German of the
period 1820 tp 1910. This covered a pretty extensive area and gave the
students a wide selection to shoal from. I had some extremely talented
singers some of whom will have a major career, but all were so dedicated
and co-operative that guiding them in their studies was a joy. My courses
ended with a gala concert performed with me featuring the best of my
students, and I was quite sad to say good bye. I hear Anthonys concert
in Prague was extremely good and I am disappointed that my
commitments stopped me from being present also for Romeo and
Juliette in Naples, Florida.
Patrick will be leaving on a classical music cruise on November 16th. His
ship leaves from Southhampton November 18 and returns
December 14. It's a cruise with singers, string trios
and quartets, soloists violin and piano, and choral concerts.
He'll be working with singers as well as training 200 passengers for
on-stage appearances and will be doing two one man shows as well.

The cruise is a fascinating one, stopping at a number of ports.
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He'll have an outside cabin!
11/6 Patrick says:

I think it should be very interesting if rather busy as we have rather a lot of concerts to do,but I know most of the other artists and we shall doubtlessly have a lot of fun amongst ourselves. I also have two one man shows to do which can be quite demanding but I have done these before so that makes it a lot easier.
Check Anthony's schedule of solo concerts.
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The Oriana cruise was perfectly lovely.

We had a really excellent music team who were also great fun to be with
and in many of the ports, like Madeira we hired horse and carriages to take
us sightseeing. And in Funchal, we all went for afternoon tea in the very
famous Reids Hotel which is over 150 yrs old and terribly exclusive and
famous worldwide.We sat on a balcony overlooking the beautiful town
with the sun shining on the azure blue sea sipping tea and devouring their
exquisite cakes. It was unforgettable.
5/31 Patrick says:
11/2 Patrick says:

I am preparing for some concerts in Ireland with Anthony in 2 weeks time and then I go to Wales to do master classes for a Gilbert and
Sullivan weekend finishing with a gala concert. In December I have a short tour of Iceland with a young Tenor who is very promising and we will be joined at some of the concerts with a Soprano.
1/9 Patrick says:

Reykajvik is a delightful city particularly at Christmas,adorned with colourful lights stretching through the trees along the streets. We stayed in the Hotel Borg built in 1930 and restored to full art deco glamour. The concerts went very well particularly as English seems to be generally understood,and my silly stories and Major General were wildly applauded. My tenor had learned some Icelandis folk songs which brought the house down and we were treated to standing ovations which dangerously swelled, our heads enormously.!!!!!...On one of our free days we were taken to see the Blue Lagoonwhere water from Geothermal springs creates a small lake. The tour and concerts were great and I gather we will be back in 2014.
I'm just getting ready to set off on a musical cruise to the Med before my tour with Anthony. We will be visiting Gibraltar, Malta Corfu, Messina ,Venice, Rome,and Sardinia, amongst other places. I leave Southampton on the 16th of September and return on the 8th of October and leave for the States on October13th,so you can see time is very short in between. Weather very nice with just a hint of Autumn's breath in the air.
I will be going to Ireland with Anthony at the beginning of October
and then straight on to a classical music cruise around the
Mediterranean and that takes me up to 10/23.