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June 25, 2010
Anthony with Robert Dolfi and Maestro Frank Fetta.
Mr. Dolfi first contacted Anthony's Fan's Site with a question for Berta Calechman
which appears here, and in Opera Arena.
I am very pleased for your explanation on my question. For many years I have tried to explain to people about why Mario Lanza's voice touched my very soul but, unable to fully explain as to the 'why.'

I remember Damon Lanza and I did a brief TV segment for Bravo TV and I was asked this very question.
My answer was fast and from the heart when I blurted out the word "Communication." Mario seemed to sing directly to me!

After seeing Anthony Kearns in Redlands, CA. and sitting close, I got that 'same' feeling as with Mario. His facial expressions matched his voice and the believibility of the words he sang rang true. He communicated with his audience.

Thank you very much for your answer. I shall always refer to it when asked this very question.
Best always,

Bob Dolfi / Damon Lanza
Lanza Legend Newslette

I am a big fan of Anthony Kearns. My first love of great voices is Mario Lanza. This question may not come out right but here goes...

Take any one song or aria and have two great tenors sing it in it's original key. If all notes are equally hit, what would be the difference between them other than different voices?

What comes to my mind is "feeling" or what should we be looking for if not feeling?

Bob Dolfi / Damon Lanza
Lanza Legend Newsletter
First of all, it's very interesting that you say your first love in voices belongs to Mario Lanza, and you are a big fan of Anthony Kearns. Anthony has always said that Mario Lanza was his favorite tenor, and that Lanza's voice was very underrated in the opera world. And Anthony programs at least one Lanza song in almost every solo concert he sings.

The voice is the most personal musical instrument, as I'm sure you know. If you have two great tenors who can hit all the high notes brilliantly, with the squillo (or ping) that distinguishes a great tenor from a good one, there would still be a world of difference. Of course the timbre of the voices would be different. The weight of the voice would be different. The facility with languages would be different. The singing style would be different. For example, Juan Diego Florez is one of today's great tenors, but his singing style is very different from Mario Lanza's, or Anthony Kearns'. But music is one of the most subjective of arts. And to me, beautiful voices, and high notes not withstanding, the most important thing to be looking for is......whether or not a voice "speaks" to you, the listener. If a voice speaks to your heart, then that singer is a favorite. It's what makes someone choose Placido Domingo over Luciano Pavarotti, or vice versa. And the first time I heard Anthony Kearns sing, it was with The Irish Tenors. I heard them on TV, and I didn't know who they were. All three men have beautiful voices, but Kearns' voice took hold of me, and over the next 10 years, I heard his voice mature, get bigger and more beautiful, and now, I'm watching him make great strides in the opera world.

So I guess the short answer would be.....all other things being equal you'd be looking for that special something in the voice that speaks to your heart.

Anthony's Fan's Site recently received a question for Opera Arena from a very special person. In about two weeks, Anthony Kearns will be honored by "" and "" He has been asked to be their Honorary President, and has graciously accepted. Anthony is preceded by Honorary Co-Presidents Miss Kathryn Grayson and Mr. Al Martino. Both passed away in the same year. The president of the sites, Mr. Robert Dolfi, recently attended Anthony's concert at the Redlands Bowl and is a big fan. He was quite impressed with the concert, and asked Anthony to be their honorary president. Anthony will be featured in their August newsletter, but due to time constraints, the complete article will not run until their December issue.

Mr. Dolfi told the Fan's Site that his close friend and business partner, the late Damon Lanza, son of the great singer, told him that after his father, Anthony Kearns was his favorite tenor. And he always listened to The Irish Tenors on his CDs, and whenever they were on TV.

Mr. Dolfi also told us that through the years, he has been asked many times about what the "special something" was, that made Mario Lanza his favorite tenor. Mr. Dolfi knew how he felt about Lanza's voice, but he wanted a more tangible answer for the future. Here is Mr. Dolfi's original question, our answer and his response.

Formal Announcement ,
appearing in the Lanza Legend Newsletter released August 5, 2010.

The Lanza Legend is proud to announce that Mr. Anthony Kearns has
accepted our position of Honorary President. You may recognize Mr.
Kearns as a founding member of the Irish Tenors as well as having a
distinguished solo career.

The reason we asked Mr. Kearns to join our Lanza Legend family was
twofold: one is his love of good music and keeping the classics alive
and well, and second is his love and support to our cause of keeping
the name and memory of Mario Lanza alive.

Our past presidents were the accomplished and beautiful Ms. Kathryn
Grayson, and the talented and dynamic Mr. Al Martino, who passed
away within four months of each other, February 2010 and October
2009 respectively. They graced us with their love and support for
thirteen years, since the beginning of the Lanza Legend newsletter’s
inception, as well as our web site. Their sudden passing was a shock
and we mourn these two lovely people. We will never forget them.

We know Damon Lanza would have approved of Mr. Kearns joining
the Lanza Legend and so, with this in mind, we wish our new
Honorary President continued success in his career and thank
him for accepting this position. We will feature Mr. Kearns in the
December edition of the Lanza Legend newsletter. We ask Mario
Lanza fans to help us welcome Mr. Anthony Kearns to our Lanza
Legend family.

Bob Dolfi / Damon Lanza
Lanza Legend Newsletter
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