May 16, 2015
Astoria, Oregon is a small town at the mouth of the Columbia River
and, as an historical aside, named for John Jacob Astor of the
American Fur Trading Company. (It is also where Kindergarten Cop was
filmed.) Be that as it may, Saturday, May 16, 2015, it was the venue
of the last concert on Anthony and Patrick's whistle-stop tour up the
West Coast. The boys were in good spirits - and good voice - and gave
a stellar performance for a smaller-than-usual but very enthusiastic
audience. After 14+ years, I am still amazed at the power (and
glory), nuance, enunciation, breath control and impeccable delivery
that makes Anthony my favorite lyric Tenor. Patrick, of course is a
pearl of great price who not only accompanies Anthony but brings his
charm and humor as well as his musical talent to the performance. It
all seems so effortless; one can only guess at the effort that makes
it so. After an amazing 2 hours of song and frivolity, they greeted
one and all at a meet and greet. I am just grateful he is still
touring and entertaining "the little people" and told him I hope he
continues indefinitely. He did not say nay. When I began this
report, I speculated to myself I had run out of descriptions of
praise. I guess not. Anyway, now for the song list: Please excuse
any misspelling, but you know the songs I mean!

Vale of Avoca
Sally Gardens
Kitty from Colrane
My Little Margarita
Red Is the Rose
Patrick: Galway Bay
How Are Things in Gloca Mora
Kitty Me Love
Plaisir d'Amour
She Moved Through the Fair
The Bould Gendarmes
Believe me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
Are Ye Right There, Michael
Mary of Argyle
Le Vien Rosa
Shubert Serenade
Patrick: The Spanish Lady
Vienna, City of my Dreams (love, love, love this)
Song from Lilly of Kilarney
Birdsong at Eventide
Deep is the Night
Danny Boy
Encore: South of the Border

by Fay Loux
Patrick, Fay Loux and Anthony.
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