The Unique Irish/Scottish/Canadian Crooner
John McDermott
In the early 1990's, John McDermott was a circulation manager for the Toronto Sun. Today, he is a million-plus solo recording artist.

Once again a member of the Irish Tenors, John can certainly rightly claim to be more than partially Irish. Actually, he is 3/4 Irish and 1/4 Scots, because his mother was purely Irish and his father Scots/Irish. His parents met and married in Ireland but were in Scotland in 1955 when John was born. In 1965, the family immigrated to Canada, where work prospects were more promising. John claims both Canadian and U.K. citizenship.

He was the ninth of twelve children in a family where music was an important part of everyday life. His father, Peter, was a skilled tenor who encouraged John in both traditional and modern music. Although he attended St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto, he is, for the most part, self taught.

In the mid 1990's, he recorded a collection of Scottish and Irish songs as a surprise to his parents on their 50th anniversary. This led to the recording of the album "Danny Boy" which, when heard by an EMI executive, led to a long-term recording contract.
Since then, John's rise has been meteoric. He has appeared with major orchestras in both Canada and U.S, as the featured artist in PBS specials, in any number of special events and, of course, with the Irish Tenors..

Besides "Danny Boy" John's recordings include, "Old Friends", "Christmas Memories", "Love is a Voyage", "When I Grow Too Old To Dream", "If Ye Break Faith - We Shall Not Sleep", "Rememberance" and "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

John McDermott is once again one of The Irish Tenors.