It was a wonderful concert.

I ordinarily don't write reviews, as a webmaster has an obvious prejudice. But in this case the audience response was so dramatic that I thought I'd at least offer a few observations. In short...they loved it. I've never heard heard such enthusiasm.

The concert, available on line at the time for those not lucky enough to attend, was billed as "A Special Evening with Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns" to be held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Sponsored by the Library and the University of Massachusetts Boston, it was the first concert presented as part of the Library Forum series.

The program included remarks by the Library's Executive Director and the U Mass Boston Chancellor,
readings by a U Mass Boston Irish Studies student, and the concert.

The concert selections were much as have been presented on the rest of the Spring tour and the audience loved them all. Kitty Me Love, Red is the Rose, Are You Right There Michael, Granada and How are things in Glocca Mora and, of course, Danny Boy were, as usual, crowd pleasers. Patrick Healy, with his change-of-pace entertaining comments, was, as always, popular. The duets, Friendship and the Bould Gendarmes brought howls of laughter. And Patrick, with Gilbert and Sullivan's Major General, brought gasps of disbelief.

I should add that Ronan Tynan was in the audience and was laughing, mouthing the songs, and cheering.

Once the concert concluded and the audience started to leave, I took particular note of the comments. Actually, it was impossible not to, as I can honestly say I've never heard so much praise.
I heard:

Wasn't he wonderful! I saw him several years ago but his voice is so much stronger than I remembered.

I hadn't heard Anthony Kearns before tonight...but I certainly hope he'll be in the area again. He was just marvelous."

Didn't you love the Major General? I've heard it before, but never like that. How can anyone do that?

The glowing comments went on and on coming, it seemed, from everyone.

There's little doubt that the Spring tour ended with a triumph.

JFK Presidential Library
Boston, MA
March 27, 2012
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Patrick, Anthony and Gail