MAY 3, 2009

Anthony and Patrick have certainly earned every tribute they've received
from this tour so far. I love the newly added songs so much I've stopped
pining for last years favorites. Not that I'm going to ignore La Mattinata
and Granada, both made for a voice like his, but my new favorite is
Falling In Love With Someone. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables also was a
revelation, as once was Bring Him Home from my second Kearns-Healy
concert in 2007. A friend and I were fortunate to win a trip to England and
tickets to the original London stage production of Les Miserables many
years ago, ' 86 I think, but I was at that time very disappointed with the music.
What was I thinking?!

Patrick as always had the audience in the palm of his hand when he had
his turn. His reminisces of an onstage incident from his early days
involving a soprano dancing with her large posterior stuck between the
arms of a too small chair had him laughing so hard he could barely finish
the story. He also treated us to Little Bridgit Flynn. Anthony had his
lighter moments, too. At the intermission he told us to take 15 minutes
to go out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. When they came back people
were still up and visiting. He went to the microphone and gave a measured
order to "Sit Down!" but with a big smile on his face.

My first ever Kearns solo concert was the second time they were at Old
St Michael's in 2007. I was surprised that people I met then still
remembered me and everyone is very friendly and helpful. Their goal is
the restoration and upkeep of this lovely and historic church. They're
hoping to get storm windows in to protect the gorgeous stained glass.
This concert was such a treat on so many levels. The money is going
to a wonderful cause, Iowa is beautiful and its people are the nicest folks
you could meet, and then of course there's "The Voice", none better

Susan Roberts