Fay Loux
Many apologies for being so tardy with the account of my trip
to Everett to see Anthony and Patrick on Sunday, October
13, 2013. Had to collect my thoughts. Everett is 50 miles up I-5
from my house, much easier than flying and driving, etc. The
venue was the Everett High School auditorium. I don’t know
how the boys feel about afternoon concerts, but I love them;
means I can be home before dark, must be getting old-er.
Being a school auditorium, the sound was not the best, but
the room was almost filled to capacity, always good to see.

Having flown in from Boise the day prior, Anthony and
Patrick were in good spirits and put forth a program with what
seemed like many more Irish songs than usual, I presume,
due to the new audience. There were a few of the “faithful”
in attendance including as far as Minnesota, but I dare say
most had never seen/heard them in person.

Anthony started off the recital with Vale of Avoca; Star of the
County Down; Sally Gardens; Kitty from Coleraine; Are Ye
Right There Michael; Love Thee Dearest (entirely Irish, didn’t
realize that until I wrote it down just now). Then Patrick took
over as only Patrick is able, capturing the audience in the
palm of his hand with his story of the Irish Mother’s letter and
tales of Winston Churchill. Somehow these stories never
get old. He then sang Galway Bay.

Now Anthony is back with a more International segment:
Vienna, City of My Dreams; Standchen by Schubert; McBreen’s

Heifer (a little levity); Plaisir d’amour; Shenandoah from his
CD, beautifully accompanied by Patrick. I love Anthony’s
enunciation of the actual word Shenandoah, every vowel
and consonant, wish I could be as succinct. His attention
to detail is phenomenal. Small wonder it took him so many
years to put together a solo CD, but I digress. Just before
the “interval” comes the duet, Bold Gendarmes.

After the interval, they come back presenting With a Song
in My Heart, which I have not heard him sing since maybe
Escondido 2003-2004?; Trottin’ to the Fair; The Old House;
How are Things in Glocca Morra (more Irish songs); another
duet, Gilbert and Sullivan, If You Go In. Patrick now with a
treatise on growing old, a perfect fit for the mature audience
in attendance and then on to Major General, always great.

Funiculi Funicula, with audience participation; La Vie en Rose;
Friendship; Danny Boy (oh, oh, getting close to the end);
encores Granada; I’ll See You Again, and then goodbye.

The audience was most appreciative and, dare I say, enjoyed
the afternoon almost as much as I did. The Boyos were out
front after the concert signing CDs and what-have-you. I do
believe the sale of the CDs was brisk judging by the line.
For those who do not yet have their CD, do so immediately!
Well worth waiting for.

Everett High School Auditorium
Everett, WA
October 20, 2013