AUGUST 3, 2014
Anthony Kearns performed at Our Lady of the Annunciation Chapel in Dennis Port, MA on Sunday, August 3rd. Anyone who missed this show.....truly missed an outstanding performance.

Here's the song list to the show, as close as I can remember. I'm sure not in the correct order except for the last 3 songs:

Vale of Avoca
Down By the Sally Gardens
Trottin' to the fair
Plasir d'amour
Kitty Me Love
La Vie en Rose
Anthony then sang 2 German songs.
Finiculi, Finicula (with audience participation)
Birdsong at Eventide
South of the Border
O Sole Mio
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
How are Things in Glocca Morra
Love Thee Dearest
She Moved Through the Fair
Red is the Rose
Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
Vienna Mine
So Deep is the Night
An American Hymn
Danny Boy
National Anthem
When Irish Eyes are Smiling

A few thoughts about the show:

Anthony sang this show without using a microphone. The acoustics were outstanding and his voice filled the venue to perfection on every song! Throughout the show Anthony talked about each song and was animated, articulate and funny!

Anthony introduced Jon Laird his accompanist. Patrick Healy was listed on the poster for the concert and Anthony said that he was celebrating his birthday. This was my first time seeing Jon Laird perform with Anthony. He did a wonderful job. He played two reels on the piano, one in each half of the concert. For the first reel he had his lovely wife come up and turn the pages for him. From my angle I couldn't see any pages being turned. Then Anthony came out and said he used to play that tune on a button accordion but he didn't think he could keep up with him now. Then he reached over and lifted the tablet Jon was using for his music. No wonder I didn't see any pages. Anthony then held up his yellow post-it which he referred to as his road map. That little piece of paper has had many names over the years and the audience laughed at the contrast between the two technologies.

A particular stand-out for me was a song new to his repertoire. "An American Hymn". Anthony introduced it by saying he's performed in 48 of the 50 states. He's seen America from coast to coast and said this song says it all.

I particularly like this verse from the song:

I've seen the silver mountain tops
And golden prairies on my way
Now everywhere I go across the land
I stand so proudly in the sun and say
I am home

Anthony's rendition of this song is absolutely stunning and without equal!

Finally the time came for the show to end. Of course after Danny Boy everyone gave Anthony a Standing Ovation. Anthony then told the audience to stay standing. I was expecting God Bless America but no he surprised us by putting his hand over his heart and started singing our National Anthem and encouraged the audience to sing along. It was amazing and so special. The audience loved it! We kept standing and the last song of the afternoon was a sing-a-long with the Tenor to "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". A perfect ending to a perfect show!

by Eileen Ricciardelli
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