I hadn't seen Anthony and Patrick in several years and my
friend Marie and I were delighted to have the opportunity to
see them again yesterday at the Irish American Heritage
Center in Chicago. All I can say is...they both
become even better with time.

Anthony's voice seemed to me to be richer than ever and
Patrick's little stories were delightful.

I didn't keep track of the selections, but I know
they included:

Ave Maria
Danny Boy
Funiculi, Funicula
Red Is The Rose
The Old House
How Are Things in Glocca Morra
Bould Gendarmes
Kitty of Coleraine
Kitty Me Love
A Poem As Lovely As A Tree
Danny Boy

There were many more, but these are all that come to mind
at the moment.

Marie and I decided we'll certainly come to see these wonderful
entertainers when they are in our area again.

The crowd wasn't as large as one might have wished which
was a shame. But those of us that were there, enjoyed every

Marilyn Gordon
Click here to see the Irish American Heritage Center
"Cool Irish Clip of the Week" (featuring Anthony, of course).
The Irish American Heritage Center
Chicago, IL
October 15, 2011