at the
December 17, 2009
Anthony appeared in the Eisenhower Room of the Capitol Hill
Club in Washington DC on December 17th and was introduced
by Michael Collins, the Irish Ambassador, who had some
very flattering words to say about him. He said, among other
nice things, that he is a great ambassador for Ireland. According
to Mary Jo and John Kittle, who were lucky enough to be there,
he sang primarily Neapolitan songs that showcase his voice,
selections such as Sorrento and Granada. But as it's the Christmas
season, he included I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day and
Silent Night.

Mary Jo says he sang about four songs in the first half and
perhaps six in the second. He started with My Lagan Love, and then
Kitty Me Love. She thinks the next song was Because You're
Mine. When Anthony introduced it, he asked the audience if
anyone knew which famous singer from Philadelphia sang this
song. She popped up with Mario Lanza, and he said "thank you"
to the woman in the first row!! Mary Jo was, of course, that woman.
He sang Funiculi Funicula, and asked the audience to La La. As
expected, he sang Danny Boy, and Silent Night was magnificent.
Eric Stern was his accompanist, and a fine one at that.

Afterwards, he came out and signed programs for quite an
extended period time.

It was very crowded, made even more so by a large beverage
table in the middle of the room. The crowd appeared to be mainly
from Congress. The event had several sponsors.

A camera man who was recording, said the event would be
on Youtube. The songs will probably be in two or three song clusters.

The Capitol Hill Club
Concert Publicity
with thanks to
Mary Jo Kittle
Irish Ambassador Michael Collins introduces Anthony.
Anthony Kearns and Eric Stern - the concert begins.
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