Berta offers an analysis of this aria that Anthony has sung, giving a little background, the plot and the translation. Hope you'll enjoy it!
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Berta Calechman
One of the most beautiful arias ever written, is this next in the series of
"Anthony's Arias."
"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" from Das Land des Lächelns (The Land of
Smiles). Written by Franz Lehar, and created for the legendary tenor
Richard Tauber, the role of Prince Sou-Chong, the Chinese Diplomat who
falls in love with Lisa, the daughter of a Viennese Count, is a wonderful
showcase for a lyric tenor. The tenor actually has 3 beautiful arias in
this operetta, but the loveliest of all is this impassioned outpouring of
feeling. The aria takes place in the second act. Prince Sou-Chong has
been made President of his country. He and Lisa have married and are very
happy, living in Peking. Two things happen which rock the marital boat.
Lisa is homesick for her family in Vienna, and asks her husband for
permission to visit them. (Remember, this was written in 1928). Afraid of
losing her, he refuses. Also, Lisa discovers that according to Chinese
custom, Sou-Chong is allowed 4 wives, besides her! He is not bothered by
this, and reassures her that "You Are My Heart's Delight."

The feeling in Sou-Chong's words is very graphic and ardent, but Lisa is
unconvinced, and she tells Sou-Chong she hates him. This was one of the
first operettas written after World War I not to end happily.
Sou-Chong realizes that he loves Lisa so much, he can't keep her in Peking
against her will, so he grants her wish to go back to Vienna, and
sadly, Sou-Chong and Lisa part.

Das Land des Lächelns opened in Berlin, on October 29, 1929, and was
followed by a long tour. When it finally opened in London, at the Drury
Lane Theatre, in 1931, Richard Tauber had to sing 7 encores (in 5 different
languages), of "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!"
from "Das Land des Lachelns"

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
Wo du nicht bist, kann ich nicht sein
So, wie die Blume welkt,
wenn sie nicht küsst der Sonnenshein
Dein is mein schönstes Lie
Weil es allein aus der Liebe erblüht.
Sag mir noch einmal, mein einzig Lieb,
Oh sag noch einmal mir:
Ich hab dich lieb!
My heart is yours alone
I cannot be, where you are not.
Just as a flower wilts
When it doesn't kiss the sunshine.
My most beautiful song is yours,
Because it comes from love.
Tell me once more, my only love,
Oh, say it once more:
I love you.
Wohin ich immer gehe
Ich fühle deine Nähe
Ich möchte deinen Atem trinken
Und betend dir zu Füssen sinken
Dir, dir allein
Wie wunderbar ist dein Leuchtendes Haar Traumschön und sehnsuchtbang
Ist dein strahlender Blick
Hör ich der Stimme Klang
Ist es so wie Musik.
Wherever I go,
I feel your nearness.
I want to drink your breath,
And beg to kneel at your feet
You, you alone.
How wonderful is your shining hair.
Dreamlike and longing
Is your radiant gaze.
I hear the sound of your voice,
It's just like music.